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Focused on fixed income

We actively manage bespoke multi-currency global fixed income investment portfolios for family offices, high net worth individuals and institutions.

Fixed Income Portfolio Management

The team at Naisbitt King has been involved in global bond markets for many years - it is in our DNA. We know the market and we know what makes it tick.


Our discretionary portfolios are created and managed by our successful and experienced team of investment managers via private custodian accounts.


Fixed Income Portfolio Advisory

We provide advisory services to family offices, high net worth individuals and institutions. In addition, Naisbitt King also provides services such as active portfolio monitoring, strategy building and global fixed income investment suggestions.

Portfolios can be created in consultation with clients, with the final investment decision and dealing process remaining with the client following our advice and assistance.

Naisbitt King produces a regular Global Bond Update to our clients. Copies are available by arrangement.


Portfolios adhering to Sukuk, Green or Ethical principals

Sukuk bonds - Islamic bonds are structured in such a way to generate returns to investors without infringing Islamic law. Sukuk bonds can also form part of a non-Islamic portfolio.

Green bonds - Bonds that are designed to encourage sustainability and to support climate related or other types of special environmental projects. Green bonds, an increasingly important area, are issued by a variety of companies and organisations.  

Ethical bonds - A portfolio can be tailored to a client’s beliefs, views and opinions, to avoid, for example, bonds in companies that are involved in alcohol, drugs, meat processing, gambling or armaments.

Our Objectives

  • To understand our clients' perspective and aspirations

  • To provide our clients with superior service and performance

  • To invest in multi-currency global corporate and financial fixed interest instruments, within mutually agreed client mandates

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