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Entirely bespoke service

We have an active and highly experienced wealth management division. 


Family Office Service

Since 2006, the Naisbitt King team has managed the affairs of very wealthy families to the most exacting standards. Families have direct access to our dedicated London-based team. The service we offer is entirely bespoke, ensuring privacy and confidentiality, and includes:

  • Asset allocation

  • Estate planning

  • Global cash management

  • Establishment of new asset-holding structures/account opening

  • Project management

  • Philanthropic management

  • Concierge services


Naisbitt King will engage with our clients to understand their needs, collaborate with external legal, tax and other advisors to evaluate options and implement the agreed strategy.


Global Reporting

Naisbitt King offers a comprehensive online global reporting service. We are able to provide a regular update on the performance of our clients' total assets and investments, wherever they are located, and across multiple custodians. We work with custodians and market counterparties to provide accurate reports and analyses of assets.

Private Equity Services

The PE investment cycle involves 5 steps:

  • sourcing

  • evaluating

  • transacting

  • monitoring

  • exiting


We specialise in monitoring and exiting of our clients' investments. This may involve sitting on boards; providing investor information to client families; providing monthly, quarterly and annual reports on each investment, with a critical commentary from us and proposed options on next steps for the family.

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